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After child support and child custody, property division is the most highly contested issue in most divorce cases. Many people have definite ideas about what they want to keep from a marriage, for either financial or sentimental reasons. To help you keep or find what is yours, you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

At Ramo, Nashak, Brown & Garibaldi LLP, we help clients keep what means the most to them. Dividing marital property, particularly in a high-asset divorce, can be a challenging task. Our attorneys have decades of legal experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of state laws regarding property division. We are prepared to handle the most complex asset disputes.

Qualified Property Division Lawyers

Our firm has established a reputation for achieving equitable division of marital assets, even in conflict-driven and high-asset divorce. We help clients determine what constitutes marital property and properly assign value to assets. Our firm is skilled in addressing matters such as:

  • Real property
  • Pensions (private and public)
  • 401(k) and other retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts and stock options
  • Business ownership and operation
  • Professional licenses

Our legal team is knowledgeable in several areas of law governing marital property. Our experience further enables us to locate assets. We will work directly with you, answering any questions regarding the division of your property. Our attorneys will be by your side from beginning to end.

Serving Queens County, Nassau County And New York City

When it comes to property division, it is essential that you protect your interests. To schedule a meeting to discuss your situation, contact us online or call our office at 888-580-9050.

We are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; after-hours appointments are available by request. Our office is conveniently located just off the Jackie Robinson Parkway in Glendale.

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